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Occupational Health Lab

The Occupational Health Testing Laboratory currently has an ion chromatography chamber, a gas chromatography mass spectrometer chamber, a liquid chromatography mass spectrometry chamber, a spectrophotometric chamber, a 100,000-centimeter chamber, an inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer chamber, and an on-site inspection instrument room. The main test items Occupational health testing and evaluation (physical and chemical indicators, toxic and hazardous substances in the workshop air), agricultural mouth testing (fertilizer nutrients, conventional indicators, heavy metal indicators, pesticide residues, etc.), indoor air and public places air (organic indicators, chemistry) Indicators, biological indicators, physical indicators, etc.). The scope of testing is occupational health monitoring and evaluation (occupational health pre-evaluation, occupational health design, occupational health control effect evaluation, occupational health status evaluation, occupational health daily evaluation), agricultural mouth detection (original environment, agricultural product pollutants, fertilizer) , indoor air testing, public health testing.



Standard test:

Determination of dust in workplace air - Part 1: Total dust concentration
Determination of toxic substances in the air of workplace - Part 66: benzene, toluene,
Xylene and ethylbenzene
GB 23200-2016
Determination of 500 pesticides and related chemical residues in fruits and vegetables

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