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Environmental Impact Lab

The environmental testing laboratory currently has an ion chromatography chamber, a gas chromatography mass spectrometer chamber, a liquid chromatography mass spectrometry chamber, a spectrophotometric chamber, a 100,000-centimeter chamber, an inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry chamber, and an on-site testing instrument room. The main test items are Inorganic indicators, organic indicators, microbial indicators, physical and chemical indicators. The detection range is water and wastewater, air and exhaust gas, noise, soil, solid waste and sludge, oil and gas recovery, electromagnetic radiation and so on.



Standard test:

Inorganic non-metallic index of "Standard Test Method for Drinking Water"
"Measurement of particulate matter in fixed pollution source exhaust gas and sampling method of gaseous pollutants"
Soil quality, determination of lead and cadmium

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