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About Us

Textile, Leather and Footwear Lab

The textile, leather and shoe testing laboratory has CNAS and CMA authorization qualifications. With professional equipment and high-quality technical team, we provide professional testing services for your products, ensuring that products meet the market access requirements of various countries and meet relevant regulations. Standard restrictions require consumers to provide healthy, environmentally friendly products.



Main service ability: textile hair ball, strength, composition analysis, color fastness, shoe wear resistance, folding resistance, non-slip, leather color fastness, heavy metal (lead, cadmium), formaldehyde test
Main test standards for textile: GB 18401 GB /T2910 ISO 1833 ISO 105 ISO12947 AATCC 8 ASTM D5034 JIS L0804
Main test standards for leather & shoe materials: GB /T3903 GB /T11413 ISO 19953 ISO11640 SATRA TM401 ASTM D4699
Detection period: 4 working days for regular time

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