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United Arab Emirates

All communication and wireless technology products exported ...

UAE ECAS LVE certification

United Arab Emirates

ESMA UAE Standards Agency is the only national standards age...

Saudi Arabia SABER certification

Saudi Arabia

In 2017, under the background of "Vision 2030", Saudi Arabia...

Saudi Arabia IECEE certification

Saudi Arabia

In order to maintain the safety of high-risk products enteri...

Saudi Arabia CITC certification

Saudi Arabia

Introduction All communication and information technology pr...

Approved certification services in other countries in the Middle East

Middle East other

Approval and certification services for other countries in t...

Israel SII certification


The Israeli Standards Institute SII is Israel’s largest tec...

Israel MoC certification


All wireless communication technology products exported to t...

GCC certification

Middle East other

In 1981, the Gulf Cooperation Council GCC-Gulf Cooperation C...