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DOE certification Release Time:2022-01-04

Us Department of Energy (DOE) implements DOE certification in accordance with US Energy efficiency regulations.  

Brief introduction  


Us Department of Energy (DOE) implements DOE certification in accordance with US Energy efficiency regulations.  

The main purpose of certification is to save energy and reduce emissions, to help users save electricity, so as to reduce energy consumption demand, reduce the greenhouse effect and other related functions.  

United States federal regulations :10CFR429 and 10CFR430  

10CFR429 specifies the sample selection and reporting standards;  10CFR430 specifies test methods and compliance declaration specifications.  

Attestation of Global Compliance (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd has passed the audit of the US Department of Energy and become a qualified laboratory recognized by DoE,we can assist you to complete the whole process of testing, submission and registration of your products.  

DOE certification application process  

Step 1: Confirm the product scope;  

Step 2: Sample testing  

Step 3: Test qualified and registration completed  

DOE cycle  

1 week for DOE report and 2 weeks for DOE registration. 

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