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FCC certification Release Time:2022-01-04

According to the Code of Federal Regulations issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), 

Brief introduction  


According to the Code of Federal Regulations issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the FCC manages the Equipment Authorization of all electronic products. There are two certification methods according to product types,  Devices with the radio transmission function must be certified according to the FCC Certification program and obtain an FCC ID. Devices without the wireless function must be certified according to SDoC.  


Basic information

FCCID   certification  

The   authentication type  

Mandatory   product certification  

The   license issuing agency  

TCB   (Telecommunication Certification Body) recognized by FCC  

Testing   institutions  

FCC   Accredited LABS do the testing  

The   test on the basis of  

FCC   47 CFR Part 15, refer to ANSI test standards  

Validity   of certificate 

It is   always valid when the product design and applicable standards remain   unchanged  


Certification marks  

FCC ID number needs to be marked on the product. The composition of FCC ID number is described as follows:   



Grantee Code is a 3 - or 5-bit licensee Code assigned by the FCC to the applicant.  Product Code An applicant's self-assigned Product identification Code of 1 to 14 digits, which may be numbers or letters and may contain a hyphen (-).  


The certificate template  

Please get it from the certification Department  

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