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GS Certification Introduction Release Time:2022-02-14

GS means "Geprufte Sicherheit" in German(Security certification), it also means "German safety".  GS certification is a voluntary certification based on the German Product Safety Law and conducted in accordance with the European Union unified standard EN or German industrial standard DIN. It is a German safety certification mark recognized by the European market. 

The safety awareness has gone deep into ordinary consumers, an electrical appliance with the GS mark may have greater competitiveness than ordinary products in the market,although the GS mark is not mandatory by law, . In the German market, if the goods do not meet the GS requirements when it'on sold, it will be difficult to sell in Germany. And it is recognized by most European countries, although GS is a German standard,  the products meet the requirements of CE-LVD certification in the European Union while meeting the GS certification.  


The GS certificate does not consider EMC requirements. The GS certificate does not reflect EMC instructions or standards, but requires EMF.  

GS= Security +EK Resolution (if applicable) +EMF (if applicable) +PAHs (if applicable) +LFGB (if applicable) +DMF  

(if applicable) + factory inspection.  


GS certification requirements for products and documents:  

1. Labels & Instructions (English & German)  

2. Schematic diagram  

3. PAB Layout and screen printing  

4. Explosive diagram and BOM corresponding to explosive diagram  

5. CDF List and certificates  

6. Specification (Transformer, motor, LED)  

7. The product shall pass the type test of European safety standard.  

8. Product structure should meet the standard requirements.  


GS certification has strict requirements on the factory quality assurance system, and the factory should be reviewed and inspected annually:  

1. The purpose of factory inspection is to strictly control the production procedure of the certified products and ensure that the batch products are completely consistent with the type test samples.  

2. Factory inspection is divided into initial factory inspection and annual factory inspection.  

3. Factory inspection mainly includes incoming material inspection, warehouse management inspection, production process inspection and product delivery inspection, test instrument maintenance and calibration  

4. After issuing the certificate, the factory should be reviewed at least once a year. No matter how many GS marks the factory applies for, the factory review of an institution only needs one time.  


Differences between GS certification and CE certification:


serial number



GS certification

CE certification


Certification   of nature  




Scope   of application  

Test   GS according to German safety regulations  

European   standard (EN) is applied for testing  


The   license issuing agency  

A   third party authorized by the German government shall conduct the test and   issue the GS certificate  

CE can   be declared on the premise of complete technical documentation (including   test report)  


Fees   paid  

You   must pay an annual fee  

No   annual fee  


The   factory audit  

Factory   inspection must be carried out annually  

No   factory inspection  


The   certificate authority  

The GS   logo is issued by the authorized testing unit, which has high credibility and   market acceptance  

The   factory's self-declaration of product conformity has low credibility and   market acceptance  


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