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Introduction to CB Certification Release Time:2022-02-14

CB certification system is a set of global mutual recognition system for electronic products established by IECEE (International Electrotechnical Commission electrical Products Conformity Testing and Certification Organization,  The IEC System for Conformity Testing and Certification of Electrical Equipment ) The system is based on the mutual recognition of test results among the member countries participating in the CB system to obtain national certification or approval, in order to promote international trade.  

Most electronic and electrical products need to meet different regulations and industry requirements when entering the market of various countries. In the past quite a long period of time, it is difficult and time-consuming to obtain product safety registration or safety certification for various countries. Now rely on CB system, this will never happen anymore.  

The CB system is a very convenient procedure that allows participating countries to recognize each other's test results and usually does not require additional testing.  


1. CB certification mark  



2、The necessity of CB certification  

It is the basis of CB system to make the product safety test results of electronic and electrical equipment globally accepted.  Upon successful completion of the test, a CB test certificate and corresponding CB test report will be issued to the product. These two documents together constitute a pass. The manufacturer can apply for national certification by any national certification authority participating in the CB system, and usually no additional testing is required.


When applying for CB certification, the countries to be considered for inclusion in the report shall be informed so that the corresponding national differences can be taken into account during the test.


3、 Product range of CB certification 

CB system covers electronic game equipment, test equipment, power supply cables, capacitors and components, lighting, household appliances, protective devices, transformers, office and IT equipment, and medical devices, with a total of 14 categories of 180 products.  

CB Laboratories (CBTL) are the laboratories accepted by the CB system, which are authorized by the specific national certification Authority (NCB) to perform product tests and issue test reports.  The manufacturer can obtain CB reports and certificates from the national certification authority of any country and convert them into other safety certificates through the national certification authority under the CB system of that country.  


4、 Preparation of CB certification documents  

1. Product instruction manual.  

2. Safety design files (including key structure drawings, that is, design drawings reflecting climbing distance, clearance, number and thickness of insulation layers).  

3. Product technical conditions (or enterprise standards).  

4. Product electrical schematic diagram.  

5. Product circuit diagram.  

6. List of key components or raw materials (please choose products with European certification mark).  

7. Complete machine or component certification copy.  

8. Other required information.  

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