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Saudi Arabia IECEE certification Release Time:2022-02-15


In order to maintain the safety of high-risk products entering the Saudi market and determine their sources, the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) has cooperated with Saudi Customs. The products on the control list must IECEE accreditation certificate which is be issued by SASO Since January 8, 2018. It also known as the SIRC certificate, can be successfully cleared by Saudi Customs after the products are certified.

Regulated products:

Mobile phones and their accessories (wired and wireless chargers, car chargers, mobile phone wireless speakers)

Portable battery and mobile phone battery

Laptops, tablets and their accessories (laptop chargers, tablet chargers)

 smart watch


Electric pump (capacity of 5 horses or less)

TV and screen

Lights and accessories

Technical regulations for electrical equipment used in electronic smoking systems

Technical regulations for small photovoltaic solar systems

Household electric fryer

Video game equipment and accessories (control equipment, wireless speakers, chargers and accessories)

Electric kettle


 Coffee machine

Electrical circuit breaker

Mobile phone charger cable

Shaving equipment

Desktop Personal Computer (PC)


verification method

Apply for IECEE certificate through CB report and certificate [valid within 3 years, including Saudi deviation: 220V, 60Hz, British plug].



Certificate template

Please consult the AGC directly.

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