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UKCA announced the indefinite extension of the use of CE marks for enterprises Release Time:2023-08-14

On August 1, 2023, the British government officially announced that the use of the CE mark in enterprises will be extended indefinitely, while retaining the UKCA mark recognition method. The announcement applies to 18 regulations from the UK Department of Business and Trade DBT.

Affected by the downturn of the market economy, the British government has previously extended the approval of the "CE" mark until December 31, 2024 . In order to further eliminate barriers and reduce the burden on enterprises, the British government has made the latest concession, which is to continue to extend the retention of the "CE" mark indefinitely after the end of 2024.





The original text of the announcement is as follows :



the CE mark will be recognized indefinitely after the original 2024 deadline .


●As part of the government's promotion of smarter supervision , the extension of the CE certification mark period will reduce the cost of enterprises, shorten the time required for products to be put on the market , and benefit consumers.


● Following extensive engagement with industry , the key requirements for reducing the burden on businesses and promoting UK economic growth are met . 


This extension means that the "CE" mark has long-term validity in the UK. Enterprises can flexibly choose "UKCA" or "CE" certification when entering the UK market. Products that already have the "CE" mark do not need to undergo additional certification according to British regulations "UKCA" certification.


However, according to EU law, CE certification is still compulsory certification. Therefore, the following products entering the EU and UK markets must still meet CE requirements and be affixed with the CE mark, and the products must have an EU authorized representative.


applicable to the 18 regulations governed by DBT include :


●Pyrotechnic products

●Recreational boats and personal watercraft

●Simple pressure vessel

●Electromagnetic Compatibility

●Non-automatic scale

●Measuring instruments

●Measuring container bottle


● Equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX)

●Radio equipment

●Pressure equipment

●Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

●Gas appliance


●Equipment for outdoor use


●Low-voltage electrical equipment


Original link: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-government-announces-extension-of-ce-mark-recognition-for-businesses


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