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Pay attention to SAR testing 

understand the potential risks of electromagnetic radiation

Automotive Electronic Testing Services

Safe travel is our unremitting pursuit

Battery testing service

Power battery testing, consumer battery testing

Reliability testing services

Vibration test, waterproof and dustproof test, mechanical shock test

Consumer product testing services

Protecting health is our responsibility


Testing Certification Solution

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Attestation of Global Compliance (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., abbr. for AGC, was founded in 2005 in Shenzhen, AGC is now growing into an independent comprehensive third-party institution which focuses on test & certification. Profound technical background and diligent working attitude decided AGC with an outstanding high starting point from the outset,pioneering spirit and consciousness of keeping pace with the times which predestined the thoroughly tempered course of AGC.

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Success Ending of AGC 2023 Annual Employee Commendation Conference and 2024 New Year Ceremony


The years are like songs, and the glory is like a dream, the fleeting years are like water, and time flies.

Three laboratories of AGC were hired as China Society for Inspection and Testing Physical Standard Collaborative Laboratory


Recently, three wholly-owned subsidiaries of AGC have successively received letters of appointment issued by the China S...