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AGC is Accredited as VCCI Authorized Lab

Release Time:2021-08-03

AGC is accredited as VCCI Authorized Lab on 20th, June. It includes four authorization capabilities “Radiated emissions above 1GHz”, “AC mains power ports”, “Conducted Emissions at Telecommunication (Wire) ports” and “Radiated Emissions Below 1GHz”. As AGC can issue Japan-approved reports directly, its testing efficiency will be highly improved to reach higher level in testing trade. AGC has taken a big step on providing more efficient VCCI certification services and compliance service for the majority of enterprises.

Certificate verification link:  Input “Attestation of Global Compliance“.

List of Registered Measurement Facilities | VCCI Council





Registration No.G-20132

Radiated emissions above 1GHz



Registration No.C-20098

(AC mains power ports)



Registration No.T-20102

(Conducted Emissions at Telecommunication(Wire)ports)


Registration No.R-20136

(Radiated Emissions Below 1GHz)


VCCI is a certification mark of Japanese electromagnetic compatibility certification, which regulated by Voluntary Control Council for Interference by Information Technology Equipment. It is a voluntary certification.
VCCI Certification Method
Multimedia equipment (MME) products exported to Japan must comply with VCCI-CISPR 32 technical requirements formulated by VCCI committee. Products should have EMI test report issued by VCCI authorized lab. Meanwhile, manufacturers should apply to become a VCCI member (https://www.vcci.jp/membership/join.html) and submit test report to VCCI. The product can only be marked with VCCI mark after test report is approved by VCCI.

Registered product should be marked with VCCI logo or declaration. The VCCI logo must be clear.


VCCI Certified Product Range

VCCI applicable products
Multimedia equipment (MME) sold in Japan includes many products like information technology equipment, audio and video equipment, broadcast receiver equipment, stage lighting control equipment, etc.
MME is divided into “Class A Multimedia Equipment” (hereinafter referred to as Class A Equipment) and “Class B Multimedia Equipment” (hereinafter referred to as Class B Equipment) based on usage environment.
Class A equipment: Any equipment that meets the requirements of Class A limit (except Class B).
Class B equipment: Equipment that meet the requirements of Class B limit.
Class B equipment is mainly used in residential environments to provide adequate protection for broadcast services. For example, broadcast receiving equipment is a Class B equipment.
VCCI Non Applicable Products
MME used in industrial, scientific, medical (ISM), and automotive area is not applicable to VCCI.

AGC Test ability
AGC is accredited as VCCI authorized lab, it can provide Conducted Emissions and Radiated Emissions test for products. AGC will issue EMI test report and assist client on preparing related document to become a VCCI member and complete product compliance registration.
Product Category: information technology equipment, audio and video equipment, broadcast receiver equipment, stage lighting control equipment, etc.
Test Standards: VCCI-CISPR 32
Test item: Conducted Emissions at Telecommunication (Wire) ports, Radiated Emissions (1G up, 1G down).
VCCI Certification Process:
1. Prepare Test samples and certification document
2. Product testing by VCCI accredited lab (AGC).
3. AGC laboratory issues test report + VoC
4. Product compliance registration.

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