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Which products need FCC certification?

Release Time:2019-09-16

FCC Certification is compulsory in US market as one of the most essential certification. It is mainly engaged in safety testing covering a range of products. Almost all electronic products are covered by FCC Certification. Any products exported to American and covered by FCC Certification must be certified by FCC. This article will list products need to be tested by FCC certification.


1.Lightning Products

Led light product, Led screen, Led drivers/drivers ballast, ESL, stage light, light modulator, converter, light modulate equipment used in stage, A.C. supplied electronic ballasts for tubular fluorescent lamps, tubular fluorescent lamps, ballasts, ballasts for electric-discharge lamp, fixed luminaire, portable luminaire, recessed luminaire, etc.


2.Household appliance & Electrical tools

Air-conditioner, fridge, iron, micro wave oven, electric vacuum cleaner, food grinder, electric kettle, electronic sterilizer, electrical toys, auto electric cooker, Electric shaver, electric hair clippers, electric hair dryer, electric toaster, massage device, battery charger, washing machine, electric food processor, low power motor, etc.

Tools: rotary sander, circular saw machine, nail gun, electric drill, gas drill etc.


3. Personal computer and related equipment

Personal computer and screen, laser printer, keyboard, adapter, mouse, scanner, interface smart card, power supply unit, UPS, fax, data machine, answering machine, switch, etc.


4. Audio and video products

Radio, television, set-top box, DVD/VCD Player, MP3 Player, household sound box, etc.


5. Wireless products

Bluetooth, wireless remote control toys, wireless switch, wireless thermometer, wireless mouse& keyboard, wireless surveillance camera, wireless microphone, FM emitter and all kinds of wireless devices.


6. Communication products

Telephone, 2G/3G/4G mobile phone, two way radio etc.



Toys in all kinds of material : mental toy, plastic toy, wooden toy, clothing toy, electric toy.


8.Security product

Alarming machine, security product, access control product, monitor and surveillance camera.


9. Mechanical industry

Punching and shearing machine, wood working machine, package machine, plastics machine, metal-cutting machine tool, foodstuff processing machine, printing machine, casting machine, electrical control system for mechanical equipment, amusement devices, hydraulic machine, Petrol engine, welding machine, NC drilling machine, tool grinding machine, lawn mower, washing device, bulldozer, lift, punch machine, dish washer, water treatment equipment, woodworking machine, rotary drill rig, snow sweeper, digger, press machine, cutting machine, road roller, trowelling machine, brush cutter, hair straightener, etc. 


In conclusion, most of the wireless-related products, communication devices and digital products need to be tested by FCC certification. Among all of the products, required testing standard on household products is much more strict than commercial products. FCC certification is compulsory to ensure products exported to US market is in compliance with standard of the market. FCC Certification aims to reduce the level of radio frequency (RF) interference between electronic devices. Furthermore, FCC regulate and control radio spectrum to ensure operation of electrical products and protection of wireless network.


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