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Update on RED Harmonised Standard of WCDMA User Equipment

Release Time:2021-02-25

1.Date of Adoption of New Standard

The Red-RF standard EN 301 908-2 v13.1.1 of WCDMA user equipment will be officially included in the RED OJ harmonized standards on October 27, 2020. The transition period is one year. Before October 27, 2021, both of EN 301 908-2 V11.1.2 and EN 301 908-2 V13.1.1 are effective. After October 27, 2021, only EN 301 908-2 V13.1.1 can be used .




2.About Added content in the New Standard

Adding New Frequency Band:
In the original frequency band, a new available band band XXXII is added. This band (1452mhz to 1496mhz) is only applicable for downlink signal transmission, and be used with the uplink of other frequency bands.
Adding New Test Project:
In original test projects, new test project Receiver Total Radiated Sensitivity (TRS) and Total Radiated Power (TRP) are added. These two projects belong to OTA test and the test method refers to ETSI TS 137 544.
Modification of Test Frequency Range for Additional Stray Test :

Below picture is the example for Band I, other bands refer to new version EN 301 908-2 Table Additional spurious emissions requirements.




3.Test Limits and Application Scope of TRS and TRP

Application Scope:
Applies to handheld voice device wider than 56 mm and narrower than 72 mm and only test on Band I and Band VIII.
Test Mode:
Each test project will be tested under Beside Head Hand Left(BHHL)and Beside Head Hand Right(BHHR), i.e. Head Hand Left mode and Beside Head Hand Right mode, in order to simulate a normal telephony.



Test Limits:

Operating band

TRP limit(Average)

TRS limit(Average)








4.About Update of Test Report and Test

If the product meets application scope of TRP and TRS, i.e the handheld voice device wider than 56 mm and narrower than 72 mm, then TPR & TRS should be added under the new standard.
If the product is out of application scope, for example, it is not handheld, not support voice mode and the size is too large, then no need to add TRP & TRS under the new standard.
In any case, to update Standard Version, it is necessary to supplement the stray test according to the requirements of the new standard.

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