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Filing of imported products of Japan - METI

Release Time:2021-08-22

Summary of import product filing METI

Those engaged in the manufacturing business or import business of electrical products (hereinafter referred to as "Filing business") shall submit a business filing report to the Minister of economy and industry within 30 days after the commencement of business. The following business, change of business content and termination of business also need to be filed。

① Electrical products exported to Japan need import filing METI, which is equivalent to the local guarantee agency in Japan. 
②Even for the same product, each imported company must make a record。 
③ The filing of parts is not equal to the filing of products 
After using the wire (see Table 1) + plug (see Table 4) + DC power supply (see Table 8) for filing,
After being used in the notebook (see Table 8), the computer equipment shall be put on record. 
Note: the spare lithium battery needs to be filed separately as a part.
④ Japanese companies, third-party certification bodies, manufacturers and filing applicants have the same responsibilities for products.





Summary of import product filing METI
METI filing, based on PSE certification, takes 2 working days, and the validity period of filing is consistent with that of PSE certificate

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