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잠비아 ZICTA 시리즈 형식 승인 단계

Release Time:2021-06-23

2021년 4월 21일, 장비 승인을 담당하는 잠비아 정보통신기술청(ZICTA)은 공식 웹사이트에 새로운 승인 지침을 게시하여 동일한 기술 사양을 가진 모델을 승인할 수 있습니다.


새로운 잠비아 형식 승인 지침에 따르면

(a)Where an Applicant applies for the type approval of two or more models with the same technical characteristics, the applicant shall make one application and furnish the Authority with a declaration of similarity issued by a manufacturer of the electronic communications apparatus requiring approval. For the avoidance of doubt-

(i)Only electronic communications apparatus that is technically the same in every aspect including the circuit diagram, behaviour and performance, shall be considered in determining similarity. 

(ii)Cosmetic differences such as colour, texture, or shape of the electronic communications apparatus shall not be considered in determining similarity.

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