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Draft Standard for Wi-Fi 6E published by the European Union Draft ETSI EN 303 687 V1.0.0 (2022-04)

Release Time:2022-05-18

1. Background

In order to expand the use of the 6GHz band without disrupting existing services (FSS and FS, etc.), national regulators have developed relevant standards for the 6GHz band. ETSI recently published a draft standard for ETSI EN 303 687 on its website.

Globally, Wi-Fi 6E allows operating bands from 5925MHz to 7125MHz, with three device categories, ultra-low power (VLP) devices, low power indoor-only (LPI) devices, and standard power devices, Standard Power devices.

The EU currently opens a frequency range of 5945MHz to 6425MHz and only allows two types of devices: ultra-low power (VLP) devices and low power indoor (LPI)-only devices.


2. Low power indoor (LPI) equipment technical requirements only


Technical conditions

working   conditions

For indoor use only (including   trains and planes with metal-coated windows)

Outdoor use is not permitted   (including in road vehicles)

Device   category

An LPI access point or network   bridge device powered by a wired connection has an integrated antenna and   does not use battery power.

An LPI client device is a   device that is connected to an LPI access point or other LPI client device   and can be battery-powered or not battery-powered.


5945-6425 MHz

Maximum  equivalent

Omnidirectional    radiated    power


Power   density



3.Technical requirements for ultra-low power (VLP) devices


Technical conditions

working   conditions

Indoors and outdoors

It is forbidden to use it on   drones

Device   category

VLP devices are portable   devices


5945-6425 MHz

Maximum   equivalent omnidirectional radiated power


Power   density


Power   density (narrowband applications)



4. Test the project (5GHz VS 6GHz)

Test the   project

EN 301 893(5GHz)

EN 303 687(6GHz)

Center   frequency

Normal   bandwidth

RF output   power

Power   density PSD

Transmitter   out-of-band spurious

Transmitter   in-band spurious

Dynamic   frequency selection DFS


Channel   access mechanism

Receive   spurs

Receive   blocking

Receive   selectivity


Electromechanical   design


User access   restrictions


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