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Austrian Battery Law Service Introduction Release Time:2023-02-16

The Battery Act ( BattG ) is a bill that compels manufacturers to declare the batteries contained in the products they sell and bear the recycling costs of the batteries sold. The Battery Law stipulates that manufacturers must declare the type and quantity of batteries sold, and be responsible for the recycling costs of batteries. The act stipulates the recycling requirements for batteries placed on the German market, and is an important part of the extension of producer responsibility
and product compliance .

What is the Austrian Battery Act?

The Austrian Battery Law is aimed at the recycling of batteries and accumulators, including dry batteries, button batteries, built-in batteries for electrical appliances, automobile batteries, industrial batteries, etc. Sellers who sell battery products to Austria need to apply for the Austrian Battery Law, and the sales of electronic and electrical products have built-in For batteries, in addition to handling Austrian packaging + Austrian WEEE, it is also necessary to register the Austrian Battery Law for the built-in battery of the product, and declare and recycle the built-in battery of the product.

Which goods need to be registered under the Austrian Battery Act?

"Battery" means an electrical energy source consisting of one or more primary cells (non-rechargeable) or one or more secondary cells (rechargeable) cells obtained by direct conversion of chemical energy; "battery pack" means a group of connected and/or assembled in an external enclosure to form a complete unit which cannot be separated or opened by the end consumer;

Type of battery:

◆Button Cell: means a small circular portable battery with a diameter exceeding its height, used for special purposes such as hearing aids, watches, small portable devices, or backup power;

Vehicle battery: means a battery or accumulator used for starting, lighting or ignition of a vehicle;

Automotive battery or accumulator: means an industrial battery or accumulator, by its type or design, for use as an automotive battery or accumulator;

Industrial battery: means a battery or accumulator for industrial or professional use or for any type of electric vehicle;


Who needs to register with the Austrian Battery Act?

A person established in Austria who places a battery or accumulator (including a battery or accumulator installed in an electrical appliance or a vehicle) on the market in Austria for the first time, irrespective of the form of sale;

a person established in another Member State of the European Union and who has appointed an authorized representative for the commercial distribution in Austria of portable or automotive batteries or industrial batteries or accumulators to persons other than final consumers;

A person established in another Member State or a third country who commercially distributes portable or automotive batteries or industrial batteries or accumulators in Austria to persons other than final consumers.

When is it mandatory?

January 1 , 2023


our service:

EPR service provider recommended by A mazon , eBay , and Alibaba International Station, A GC can provide you with one-stop compliance services for the Austrian Packaging Law from initial registration to recycling company filing and subsequent regular declaration.


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