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UK WEEE service introduction Release Time:2023-02-16

The UK Electrical and Electronics Act follows the principles of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). In the UK, anyone who puts electrical or electronic equipment into circulation must pay for the recycling and disposal of the waste generated. The aim is to reduce pollution and make recyclable materials reused, thereby protecting the environment.

What are WEEEs?

"Electrical and electronic equipment" or "EEE" means equipment that relies on electric currents or electromagnetic fields to function properly, and equipment used to generate, transmit and measure such currents and magnetic fields, designed for use with an alternating current rated voltage not exceeding 1,000 volts , DC rated voltage not exceeding 1 volt; electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) is anything with a battery or plug.

Which goods need to be registered under the UK Electrical and Electronics Act?

"Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment" or "WEEE" means waste electrical or electronic equipment within the meaning of Article 2008(9 8) of Directive 3/1/EC , including all components, subassemblies and consumable product ;


The type of goods involved

1. Large household electrical appliances    air conditioners, massage chairs, etc.

2. Small household appliances      irons, adapters, etc.

3. IT and telecommunication equipment    U disk, tablet, etc.    

4. Consumer equipment       cameras, radios, etc.

5. Lighting equipment,        straight tube fluorescent lamps, etc.

6. Electrical and electronic tool      drill bits, saws, etc.

7. Toys, leisure, sports        toy trains, racing cars, etc.

8. Medical equipment,        radiotherapy equipment, etc.

9. Monitoring equipment,       smoke detectors, etc.

10. Automatic dispenser,       beverage vending machine, etc.

11. Display equipment        TV screen, computer monitor

12. Refrigeration appliance       boilers containing refrigerant

13. Lamps,          laser lights, LEDs, etc.

14. Photovoltaic panels        solar panels


Who needs to register for UK WEEE?

1. A person who manufactures and sells electrical and electronic equipment under his own brand in the UK;

2. A person who resells equipment made by others under his own brand name ;

3. People who import electrical and electronic equipment into the UK in a commercial manner;

4. A person established outside the UK who supplies electrical and electronic equipment directly to the UK market through distance sales (eg online, mail order, telephone);

When is it mandatory?

January 1, 2023


How to register UK WEEE?


◆Small-scale manufacturers: Sellers who sell electronic and electrical products to the UK market with an annual output of less than 5 tons must register as small-scale manufacturers through the official website of the British Environment Agency.

Large-scale manufacturers: sellers who sell electronic and electrical products to the UK market and have an annual output of more than 5 tons must join the recycling organization

You must register by 31st January each year or within 28 days of first placing the EEE on the market. 

Is an authorized local representative required: Yes 

Manufacturers in other countries must appoint an Authorized Representative (AR) in the UK or join a UK-approved PCS.


WEEE logo symbol

According to the requirements of Article 11(2) of EU Directive 2002/96/EC (WEEE): The symbol "crossed out wheelie bin" is required for electrical and electronic equipment placed on the market by manufacturers after August 13, 2005 to mark.


Certificate sample:

Small producers will receive a registration number starting with WEE after successful registration with the UK Environment Agency. There is no certificate.




our service:

EPR service provider recommended by A mazon , eBay , and Alibaba International Station, A GC can provide you with one-stop compliance services for the German Packaging Law from early registration to recycling company filing and subsequent regular declaration.


contact us:

For the above sharing, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


If you need to register with the UK WEEE Act, please contact our compliance team directly:

Una (Miss Huang)

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