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ASTM International Issued New Toy Safety Standard ASTM F963-23 Release Time:2023-10-20

On 13 October, 2023,the ASTM International issued a new version of the standard ASTM F963-23 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety.

According to the CPSIA, when ASTM International notifies the Commission of proposed revision(s) to ASTM F-963, the Commission has 90 days from the date of notification to inform ASTM International if it determines that the proposed revision(s) does not improve the safety of the consumer product covered by the standard. If the Commission does not respond to ASTM International within 90 days regarding the proposed revision(s) to ASTM F963, 90 days later (180 days total after notification by ASTM International), the proposed revision(s) becomes effective as a consumer product safety rule.


Compared with the old version, the new version of ASTM F963-23 is revised as follows:



Clause 3.1.17

Subsection 3.1.90 has been revised from “simple household tools” to “common household tools”.


Removed “Scope” in (1);

Subsection (1)(a) added Note 4 to include situation-specific accessibility considerations;

Sepa-rated exemption from testing for paper and paperboard and listed them as a specific entry (f) and entry (g);

Textile considerations previously in (1)(e)(2) moved to a sepa-rate entry in (1)(g);

Subsection (2) removed references to 16 CFR 1500.88 and 16 CFR 1500.91;

Separated (2)(b) to list requirements for modeling clays separately. The modeling clay requirements have not been changed.


A more recent version of the USP may be used in lieu of Volume 35.

Clause 4.3.8

This revision will now be congruent with the current U.S. Federal phthalate requirement (at 16 CFR 1307), the current CPSC test method, and the materials determinations regarding third-party testing promulgated by CPSC.

Clause 4.5

Extend use and abuse scope, for toys intended for children up to 14 years of age, both the acoustics and use and abuse requirements are to be applied;

These revisions amend definitions for push or pull toys and tabletop, floor, or crib toys, to clarify the differences between these types of toys and reduce the likelihood of inconsistency in determining the appropriate test methods and sound limits for a given toy.

Clause 4.25.4

Extend use and abuse scope.That apply to toys intended for children 8 years;

A requirement that a fastener on a battery com- partment door must remain attached to the toy or battery compartment , to avoid loss of the fastener;

A manufacturer - supplied specialty or custom tool if supplied with the toy, to include instructional information to consumers regarding the use and inclusion of a custom tool according to the subclause 6.9 .

Clause 4.40

Extend the scope of the expanding materials;

Revising the tolerances and significant figures of the expanding materials gauge.

Clause 5.1.2

Add tracking label requirement.

Clause 6

Add subclause 6.9, the instructional material for toys which require a manufacturer-supplied specialty or custom tool to access the battery(ies) shall direct caregivers to retain the tool for future use, to store it where the child cannot access it, and state that the tool is not a toy.

Clause 8.7.1

Referenced document for tiles used in drop testing, the previous reference, Federal Specification SS-T-312B, has been with drawn and has been replaced by ASTM F1066.

Clause 8.14

Sections 8.14.3,, and—The conditions have been to a sequence that is more logical in terms of occurrence;

Another test condition has been added to (a) to recognize designs that limit either the amount the bow can bend or the bow string can be stretched.


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