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France officially publishes list of 128 endocrine disrupting substances Release Time:2023-11-13

 the French Official Gazette published three decrees related to endocrine disrupting substances in products. The decree requires that if products and their packaging contain more than 0.1% of endocrine disrupting substances, the relevant responsible parties need to electronically , to provide the public with information on endocrine disrupting substances in products, the decree comes into force the day after its publication in the Official Gazette.

126 of the 128 substances are SVHC substances

The decree published in the French Official Gazette clearly lists the list of substances with endocrine disrupting properties, including confirmed and presumed endocrine disrupting substances , listed in Table A and Table A bis of Annex I of the decree (the two tables include a total of 128 items Substances), substances with suspected endocrine disrupting properties are listed in Table B and Table B bis of Annex I of this Order (Table B and Table B bis are currently empty).


It should be noted that among the 128 endocrine disrupting substances in Table A and Table A bis, 126 of them are SVHC substances, and the other two substances are vitamin D3 (a type of vitamin D) and mancozeb (a type used for plant protection ). planting pesticides ).


Endocrine disrupting substances are commonly found in

ØPlasticizers in plastic materials

ØFlame retardants in plastics, rubber, textiles and leather

ØActive agents in textiles and leather



Control requirements

üThe content of confirmed and presumed endocrine disrupting substances in the product and its packaging is > 0.1%

üFor products with specific exposure risks (there are currently no products in this list) and suspected endocrine disrupting substance content in packaging > 0.1%


Substance information needs to be provided to consumers electronically within 6 months after the substance is added to the list .

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