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Precautions for power supply products in Australia with integrated plugs and detachable plug chargers Release Time:2023-11-20

Recently, SAA received a notice from the New South Wales regulatory agency regarding some precautions for power products with both integrated plugs and detachable plugs.

Allowed types:

This type of electrical product (power part) does not contain an integrated power plug, so there is no need to consider AS/NZS 3112 Appendix J

(Please note: When the Australian plug is installed, then Appendix J needs to be tested)


Not allowed types:

This type of electrical product has an integral plug and must comply with AS/NZS 3112 Appendix J. Regardless of whether the product is sold with any other removable plug portion or travel adapter, it does not comply with the requirements of Appendix J.


To be clear, the following types with folding US plugs are not allowed:


This requirement only applies to applications for new certificates or renewal of old certificates; existing certificates are not affected.

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